EVESHAM >> On May 9, the pictured suspect utilized a female’s credit cards a short time after her wallet was stolen from her purse while she was dining at Panera Bread, located at 500 South Route 73 Marlton here.

The suspect used the victim’s credit cards shortly thereafter at the Best Buy, Wegman’s and Target store in Mount Laurel.

If anyone knows the identity of this suspect you are asked to contact the Evesham Police Department at 856-983-1116, the Confidential Tip Line at 856-983-4699 or email at Anonymous tips text ETPDTIP to 847411

What purse thieves look for:

• A woman who drapes her purse on the back of a chair or on the floor beside of her.

• A woman who’s wallet is sticking out of her purse.

• A woman who leaves her purse or wallet in a shopping cart.

• A purse or bag left in an unlocked car.

• A woman who has set their purse or wallet down on a table or counter.

• Purses left in unattended offices or dressing rooms.

• Purses and coats dangling on coat racks.

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