On July 27 at 2:05 a.m., an officer conducted a motor-vehicle stop on Route 73 inside the Evesham Township Police Department DDACTS Zone after observing the vehicle being operated in a careless manner.

During the stop, the officer requested the assistance of ETPD K-9 Spike, after developing suspicion that the passenger of the vehicle was in possession of narcotics. K9 Spike was deployed around the exterior of the vehicle at which time he alerted officers to the presence of narcotics inside the car. A subsequent search of the vehicle by officers resulted in the discovery of crack-cocaine.

Richard Kinnel, 61, of Atco was arrested and charged with third degree possession of crack-cocaine. He was released on his own recognizance.

DDACTS (Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety) integrates location-based crime and traffic data to establish effective and efficient methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources. Using geo-mapping to identify areas that have high incidences of crime and crashes, DDACTS uses traffic enforcement strategies that play a dual role in fighting crime and reducing crashes and traffic violations. Drawing on the deterrent of highly visible traffic enforcement and the knowledge that crime often involves the use of motor vehicles, the goal of DDACTS is to reduce the incidence of crime, crashes, and traffic violations in Evesham Township.

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