MEDFORD >> The Shawnee High School Charity Water club, led by juniors Alayna Burns and Isabella Turner, hosted a Water Walk May 11 to raise awareness of the worldwide water crisis.

Attendees were asked to walk two miles while holding a Jerry can to experience the walk that many people take every day in order to collect fresh drinking water. Participants also competed in activities that focused on sharing facts about the water crisis and building a mock water filtration system. Through the determined efforts of the students in the club, the generous time donated by volunteers, and the benevolent contributions from sponsors, the club was able to raise over $1,400.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to “charity: water”, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to bring clean and safe drinking water to people across the world.

Alayna Burns felt “it was exciting to see other students understand the severity of the issues facing over 660 million people who don’t have access to clean water, something we take for granted. Everyone who came out today was able to have fun as well as learn more about the mission of “charity: water”. The money we raised today combined with the other fundraisers we ran this year will help bring clean water to families in need.”

Isabella Turner added, “Our goal was not only to raise money and educate our classmates about clean water, but also to help them understand and empathize with the struggles that millions of people go through every day. It is one thing to read about someone who must carry 40 pounds of water in a Jerry can more than three miles a day, but it is quite another matter to actually experience it. We hope to inspire others to action so we can make clean water accessible to everyone.”

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