art exhibit

Cherokee art teacher Deana Guittar stands next to shadow box silhouette exhibit made by Creative Arts Media 2 students in celebration of Black History Month.

EVESHAM >> Cherokee High School’s Creative Arts Media 2 students celebrated Black History Month by creating shadow box silhouettes featuring Black Americans who impacted the course of American history.

Cherokee art teacher Deana Guittar introduced her students to the stylistic works of Kara Walker, an African American established installation artist and professor at Columbia University. Guittar’s students studied Walker’s signature style of using the art of silhouetting and her choice to work with black and white paper to depict race relations specifically during the 19th century.

Students were asked to design and construct shadow box silhouettes to display the person they selected. To accompany their silhouettes, students provided written statements regarding their person’s impact on society past and present. Moreover, students created a set of shoe prints to simulate 'stepping into someone else’s shoes' to aid in the viewer’s experience of understanding the life of the selected American figure.

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