Sept. 1, Ken D’Andrea a life-long resident of Evesham Township announced he is seeking re-election for Evesham Township Council as an Independent candidate. D’Andrea is teaming up with another long-time Evesham Township resident Stephen Fortino. “We are both very passionate about our hometown,” said D’Andrea. “Running as Independents means we are only beholden to the people we serve.”

“Both Ken and I were raised here and chose to raise our own families here. “So for us,” Fortino said, “It’s about Evesham.” We care deeply about what happens here; we are extremely invested in our community.” Indeed, D’Andrea and Fortino boast more than 60 years combined of extensive community involvement.

Ken D’Andrea has a great legacy of experience and volunteerism within Evesham Township. He helped create and continues to lead the Evesham Celebrations Foundation, which has brought the Taste Of Evesham, Harvest Fest, Independence Day Celebration, Winterfest and other events to engage the community. Ken was a martial arts instructor, long time soccer commissioner, coached multiple sports, executive board member, and a trustee for the Marlton Recreation Council. D’Andrea served on the Evesham Township Planning Board for 11 years. Several years ago, he retired as an executive from the telecommunications industry and forged a second professional career in the healthcare industry.

D’Andrea has served in three mayoral administrations during his tenure with town council. Over the years, he and his council colleagues have advanced the township in numerous ways, including the purchasing of hundreds of acres of open space for preservation (some of which has become the Black Run Preserve,) expanding recreation facilities (the Diamonds at Arrowhead Park, M2 Soccer Field), the fulfilling of the moral and legal COAH (Council On Affordable Housing) mandates, improving government operations (the live streaming of meetings), establishing social engagement committees, (Disability and Veterans Advisory Council, Economic Advisory Council, Human Rights Advisory Council), and maintaining stable municipal taxes. Ken D’Andrea continues to focus his diverse talents to keep Evesham a great place to live and raise a family.

Stephen Fortino is looking to become a first-time council member. He is running because he believes in public service. “I want to build on Evesham’s rich history” said Fortino, “and focus our current goals and future direction on keeping Evesham a premier community to raise a family and conduct business.”

If elected, Fortino brings over 36 years of leadership experience as a healthcare executive to complement the council team. He will also apply the experience and insight he has gained while serving on several boards and committees over the years. Among them: the Evesham Township Planning Board, Kings Grant Open Space Board of Directors, Marlton Relay For Life Leadership Board, Evesham Education Foundation Committee and the Evesham Celebrations Foundation. Additionally, Fortino was a very active member of the Board of Directors for the Arthritis Foundation of New Jersey, and for 7 years served as chair and emcee for South Jersey’s largest themed 5K fundraiser, the Jingle Bell Run.

Fortino is a long-standing volunteer of the Marlton Recreation Council. He has coached multiple sports since 1978 and was recently voted into the Marlton Recreation Council Coaching Hall of Fame. He is currently a soccer trainer. For the past 15 years, Fortino has served as a volunteer coach for the Cherokee Girls Soccer Program.

Both D’Andrea and Fortino are inaugural members of the Cherokee Academic Hall of Fame and they are very proud of the Marlton Soccer Tournament they pioneered in 2010.

Together, they believe running as independent candidates will allow them to focus and make decisions based on what is best for the community. “We believe our diverse business and professional experiences, our volunteerism throughout the township, and our longevity as township residents will allow us to preserve the best of our past, while protecting our future,” said D’Andrea.

Simpley put: It’s All About Evesham

Voting is November 3rd. Column 3

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