The Lenape Regional High School District boys track and field teams competed in the NJSIAA South Sectional Championships June 4-5 at two locations, Washington Township and Delsea high schools.

Cherokee, Lenape and Shawnee were in the Group 4 competition at Washington Township, while Seneca competed in Group 3 at Delsea.

The top six finishers in each event qualified for the NJSIAA State Group Championships June 11-12 at Pennsauken High School (Groups 1 and 3) or Franklin High School (Groups 2 and 4).


Team Finish: 6th, 48 points.

State Group Qualifiers: Kevin Hess, ju., 400; 3rd; 51.75; Conor Jacob, so., 800; 3rd; 1:57.06; Nico Grilli, sr., 800; 5th; 1:57.44 and 1600; 3rd; 4:20.63; Patrick Ditmars, so., 1600; 2nd; 4:20.15; Nick Kuenkel, fr., 3200; 4th; 9:34.50.; 4-by-400 relay; 4th; 3:28.80 (ju. Kevin Hess, ju. Lucas Hatch, sr. Thomas Bland, so. Patrick Ditmars); 4-by-800 relay; 1st; 7:59.94 (sr. Daniel Boria, so. Thomas Bromley, so. Patrick Ditmars, so. Conor Jacob); Zachary Palfy, sr., pole vault; 5th; 11-6.

Coach’s Comment: “We have a freshman, Nick Kuenkel, who qualified for the 3200,” said Cherokee first-year coach Matthew Hoffman, who had an eventful week of his own with the birth of his second child - Blakely Alis Hoffman, 7 pounds 13 ounces, 20.5 inches at 5:25 p.m. on June 10. “Kevin Hess took third in the 400. Conor Jacob and Nico Grilli qualified with solid runs in the 800. Nico also qualified for the 1600 and will be running in our 4-by-800 in lieu of the open 800 to fill in for the injured Brett Shea. Our 4-by-400 and 4-by-800 teams advanced, as well with our 4-by-800 taking first as sectional champions. Patrick Ditmars ran in the 4-by-400 and 4x800 and also qualified for the 1600 as a sophomore. Finally, Zach Palfy continues his season at pole vault chasing 12 feet.”

Individual Results: 100: Chima Opara (13th; 11.65), Marc DePhillips (tie 34th; 12.10), Kevin Pacan (tie 34th; 12.10). 200: Opara (19th; 24.34), Ryan Bender (21st; 24.37). 400: Kevin Hess (3rd; 51.75), Thomas Bland (12th; 53.39), Lucas Hatch (tie 13th; 53.43). 800: Conor Jacob (3rd; 1:57.06), Nico Grilli (5th; 1:57.44), Thomas Bromley (11th; 2:02.61). 1600: Patrick Ditmars (2nd; 4:20.15), Grilli (3rd; 4:20.63). 3200: Nick Kuenkel (4th; 9:34.50), Bradley Popler (15th; 10:11.76), Benjamin Hackney (24th; 10:28.56). 110 High Hurdles: Angelo Kyrtatas (10th; 17.31), Christopher Brandreth (13th; 18.05), Benjamin Brandreth (DQ, false start). 400 Intermediate Hurdles: C. Brandreth (12th; 1:02.36), Wilson Leung (21st; 1:05.66), B. Brandreth (24th; 1:06.73). 4-by 800 Relay: 1st; 7:59.94 (Daniel Boria, Bromley, Ditmars, Jacob). 4-by-100 Relay: No entry. 4-by-400 Relay: 4th; 3:28.80 (Hess, Hatch, Bland, Ditmars). Long Jump: Bender (24th; 17-9 1/4), Opara (39th; 16-2). Triple Jump: C. Brandreth (23rd; 34-6). High Jump: Bender (tie 16th; 5-4), Opara (tie 16th; 5-4). Pole Vault: Zachary Palfy (5th; 11-6). Shot Put: Stephen Mondile (7th; 42-8 ½), Daniel Mondile (10th; 40-1 ½). Discus: D. Mondile (18th; 105-1). Javelin: No entries.


Team Finish: 9th, 24 points.

State Group Qualifiers: Jake Buniva, ju., 1600; 4th; 4:21.08; 4-by-800 relay; 3rd; 8:04.65 (ju. Justin Penny, ju. A.J. Fraley, ju. John Reilly, ju. A.J. Micale); Ian Camerato, sr., shot put; 3rd; 50-1 3/4 and discus; 2nd; 157-5;

Coach’s Comment: “Overall, we did well,” said Lenape coach Steve Fardella. “Senior Ian Camerato advanced to states in both discus (157-5) and shot put (50-1 3/4). Junior Jake Buniva had an impressive time of 4:21.08 in the 1600, which is a huge PR of 11 seconds and will also advance to states. Our 4-by-8 team of juniors Justin Penny, AJ Fraley, John Reilly and A.J. Micale, ran 8:04.6, breaking the school record of 8:05.63 set in 2014; A.J. Fraley’s older brother was on the previous record-holding 4-by-8 team. Our relay will also be advancing to states. We are excited and looking forward to this weekend and are looking for continued improvements.”

Individual Results: 100: Yunseong Ji (45th; 12.63), Kylan Witherspoon (48th; 12.89). 200: Caner Saka (40th; 25.88). 400: Kevin Kinkade (23rd; 55.07), Saka (33rd; 57.40). 800: Justin Penny (7th; 2:00.66), A.J. Fraley (8th; 2:00.75), John Reilly (17th; 2:05.89). 1600: Jake Buniva (1600; 4th; 4:21.08), Sean Brennan (30th; 4:57.52). 3200: Buniva (13th; 10:10.99), Colin Hermack (23rd; 10:27.89). 110 High Hurdles: No entries. 400 Intermediate Hurdles: No entries. 4-by 800 Relay: 3rd; 8:04.65 (Penny, Fraley, Reilly, A.J. Micale). 4-by-100 Relay: 13th; 48.57 (K. Witherspoon, Ji, Matt Montanez, Benjamin Rose). 4-by-400 Relay: No entry. Long Jump: Ji (34th; 16-8), Tre Allen (35th; 16-7 ½). Triple Jump: Aidan Fuchs (30th; 30-9 ½). High Jump: No entries. Pole Vault: No entries. Shot Put: Ian Camerato (3rd; 50-1 ¾), A.J. Gola (28th; 30-8). Discus: Camerato (2nd; 157-5). Javelin: Montanez (8th; 134-11), Mike Nasielski (22nd; 111-1), Anthony Caccese (26th; 102-10).


Team Finish: Tie 14th; 2 points.

State Group Qualifiers: 4-by-400 Relay: 5th; 3:29.15 (sr. Brian Baumann, sr. Kevin Cummings, ju. Tyler Marshall, sr. Will Neher).

Coach’s Comment: “Our 4-by400 relay team placed fifth in 3:29.15 and qualified for states,” said Shawnee coach Matt Catinella. Brian Baumann (53.4), Kevin Cummings (51.5), Tyler Marshall (52.0), Will Neher (52.1). All four boys ran PRs and I think we can run faster at states. They've been training really well all season long. It's rewarding to see their efforts bearing fruit this time of the season.”

Individual Results: 100: Ashton Curilla (43rd; 12.51), Dylan Gates (51st; 12.98), Matthew Kenney (53rd; 13.76). 200: Jarrett Portley (28th; 24.75), Nick Wagner (32nd; 25.19), Matthew Fitzgerald (37th; 25.51). 400: Fitzgerald (37th; 58.34), Elijah Faltas (38th; 59.44), Evan Mann (39th; 59.53). 800: Robert Birdsall (9th; 2:01.55), Ryan Kaczur (28th; 2:08.91), Daniel Murphy (39th; 2:15.89). 1600: Eli Mackey (14th; 4:40.67), Ryan Czechowski (34th; 5:04.13), Jason Karch (41st; 5:26.79). 3200: John Ruona (9th; 9:57.50), Alex Campagna (16th; 10:14.27), Czechowski (31st; 11:09.69). 110 High Hurdles: No entries. 400 Intermediate Hurdles: No entries. 4-by 800 Relay: 9th; 8:32.92 (Ruona, Campagna, Kaczur, Birdsall). 4-by-100 Relay: DQ (exchange out of zone). 4-by-400 Relay: 5th; 3:29.15 (Brian Baumann, Tyler Marshall, Kevin Cummings, Will Neher). Long Jump: William Stein (38th; 16-5 ¼), Bradyn Curilla (41st; 16-1), A. Curilla (44th; 15-1 ½). Triple Jump: Gates (25th; 33-11 ¼). High Jump: No entries. Pole Vault: No entries. Shot Put: Alex Volkerijk (21st; 35-10), Daniel Emerle (26th; 32-9 ½). Discus: Emerle (20th; 93-10), Andrew Cappello (23rd; 89-8). Javelin: Mason Minnium (17th; 118-11), Jacob Goldman (20th; 112-0), Cody Gates (27th; 101-7).


Team Finish: 17th, 2 points (Group 3).

State Group Qualifiers: Josh Swain (110 high hurdles; 6th; 16.27 and 400 intermediate hurdles; 6th; 1:01.06).

Coach’s Comment: “We’re very excited for Josh,” said Seneca coach Bill Fisher. “Josh Swain hurdled as freshman in the spring of 2019 and was very average, very raw. Obviously his sophomore year was taken away (due to COVID), but he came out this season ready to go. He has a drive to be great. Josh is very coachable and to see him advance in both hurdle events was so exciting. The hard work paid off for him.”

Individual Results: 100: Gavin Donley (19th; 11.69), Alex Lawson (28th; 11.89). 200: Donley (16th; 23.76), Lawson (26th; 24.09). 400: Lawson (24th; 55.64), Kirk Traenker (28th; 56.65). 800: Traekner (14th; 2:08.93), Justin Schmeid (30th; 2:20.81), Nick Bisconte (37th; 2:31.42). 1600: Dominic Amilcare (11th; 4:46.94), Zack Childers (14th; 4:53.20), Kenny Stout (26th; 5:12.30). 3200: Amilcare (12th; 10:27.11), Childers (15th; 10:43.56), Stout (19th; 11:11.66). 110 High Hurdles: Josh Swain (trials; 6th; 15.95, finals; 6th; 16.27), Mason Cutts (18th; 19.48). 400 Intermediate Hurdles: Swain (6th; 1:01.06), Ethan Cutts (13th; 1:03.32). 4-by 800 Relay: No entry. 4-by-100 Relay: No entry. 4-by-400 Relay: No entry. Long Jump: No entries. Triple Jump: William Xenakis (23rd; 35-1/2). High Jump: Jason Sheairs (tie 8th; 5-6), Justin Shearer NH. Pole Vault: Mark Gates-Clark NH. Shot Put: Truman Schneider (21st; 35-0), Tom Besser (26th; 33-2). Discus: Adam Klenk (13th; 105-11). Javelin: Klenk (7th; 140-6), Chris Schoemer (11th; 135-1).

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