Alexandra Hovdestad

Alexandra Hovdestad

MEDFORD >> Lenape High School junior Alexandra Hovdestad has won the Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) National Scholarship Award Contest.

Students in Lenape business teacher Deborah Hodulik's Personal Finance classes participated in playing an online game sponsored by NGPF called "Payback". The game challenged students to make decisions - both financial, social and emotional - as they progress through four years of college.

Students then answered a prompt, "How will your college decision-making change because of the pandemic?" Refer to relevant excerpts from the Payback game to enhance your key points in 250 words.

Hovdestad entered the contest associated with the assignment and her poem won the national scholarship award and a $2,500 scholarship.

NGPF wrote on its website that during the 2020 school year, students, teachers and families faced unprecedented challenges filled with remote learning, uncertainty and community concerns and they are proud of all the students and teachers who still managed to make the time to take part in this challenge.

Hovdestad’s winning submission is as follows:

The halls are vacant

The parties are over

The classes are empty

Lest we risk exposure

Press Release

The economy is in a rough patch

And unemployment is high

This must be taken into consideration

When choosing where to apply

The price of college is not just tuition

As I learned from the PAYBACK game

And even though many colleges are virtual

The prices are still the same

– Alexandra Hovdestad of Lenape High School, Medford

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