Medford Township has mailed a free calendar to each and every resident of the township for many years. Due to rising costs the Township decided to discontinue the yearly tradition. The Medford Sunrise Rotary Club came to the rescue and undertook the task of continuing to produce the calendar.

This is the 10th year in a row the Rotary club has provided the residents with the annual Township Calendar free of cost.

Central Record photographer Dave Borrelli has provided photographs for the calendar projects as a free service to the community for many years during his more than 40 years with the newspaper.

This year’s theme is The Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford. Cedar Run has faced financial hardship this year due to the pandemic. On a recent visit to the Refuge Dave’s wife Debbie came up with the idea that doing a Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge theme for this year’s calendar might help generate revenue for the organization. The idea came to fruition, images were taken and then compiled by the Rotary into what became the Medford Township 2021 Calendar.

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