EVESHAM >> “Evesham Township Council unequivocally condemns those who perpetrated or supported the heinous attack against the Capitol. This was an attack against the peaceful transfer of power in the United States of America, and this was an attack against the fundamental principles of our nation’s democracy.

Regardless of political affiliation, those of us who enter public office do so with the knowledge that our roles as elected officials come with great public scrutiny and constant critique. Disagreements are an inevitable part of a healthy democracy, passions will undoubtedly run high, and elected officials will very often bear the brunt of public opinion.

But let there be no doubt – elected officials should never fear violence against themselves or their loved ones. That fear is the very antithesis of our democracy.

For those calling for unity, Evesham Township Council calls for unity as well. Unity in the commitment to the peaceful transfer of power. Unity in the commitment to fully condemn violence against the democratic process. Unity in the commitment to bring all those responsible for the attack against the Capitol to justice.

And may all of us in Evesham Township remain united and safe here at home. Together we are Evesham Strong.”

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