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Mickey (left, Chihuahua/Short Coat Mix) and Maria (right, Terrier/Yorkshire Mix) were found running together on the streets of Texas and transported to Animal Welfare Associatoin in Voorhees for adoption.

VOORHEES >> Animal Welfare Association (AWA) is elated with every single one of its adoptions, projected to reach 2,200 at the close of 2019, but a special joy occurs when an adopter opens their home and heart to two pets at once.

When Mickey and Maria arrived at AWA, the staff immediately knew they would have to be one of these rare adoptions. The two dogs were found together, running terrified through Texas streets, and were brought to a shelter where they were at a high risk of euthanasia.

The overpopulation problem that leads to these high euthanasia rates, paired with the lack of animal welfare funding, as well as rescues in Texas’s immense territory, places homeless Texas dogs in tremendous danger. Rescuer Tawana Couch flew the dogs out of Texas, and their ultimate landing was at AWA. Without AWA’s supportive community of donors, volunteers, fosterers, and others, the shelter would have been unable to take in Mickey and Maria.

Maya Richmond, AWA Executive Director, said, “These two dogs were inseparable—there was never a question of adopting them together, we just didn’t know when the right person would come in. We are all overjoyed that Mickey and Maria found their home in time for the holidays.”

For a video on AWA’s transport program, please visit: . AWA additionally has taken in more than 500 pets from within the community, to place for adoption.

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