Harley is an 18-month-old chocolate lab who loves the Medford Dog Park. His mission is to make sure it is kept clean from all debris, especially plastic. Every morning he swims the creek and roams the woods. As he emerges, you may hear a crunch or a crackling sound.

One of the dog park visitors will say, “What does he have today? Bring it over here Harley”, and here he comes with his prize. On a bad day, it may only be one plastic water bottle or a tennis ball.

If it has rained and the creek is swollen, Harley has been known to retrieve three plastic water bottles, a whiskey bottle and a piece of rubber piping in one day.

Sometimes Harley hits the jackpot. Once he came out of the creek with a five-gallon plastic water jug. On another day, he struggled to pull a Styrofoam cooler out of the woods. He is so proud of himself, as he should be.

Maybe we could all learn something from Harley the Recycling Retriever.

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