Loss of home can impact pets.

VOORHEES >> Animal Welfare Association (AWA) announces Temporary Pet Guardians Program, a free matching system for pet owners who need to find temporary alternative care for their pet(s) due to a variety of circumstances.

“The matching system gives peace of mind to military personnel, individuals who have experienced temporary transitional housing issues due to job loss, a natural disaster such as a hurricane, or other temporary circumstances”, says Maya Richmond, Executive Director of Animal Welfare Association.

This program is vital for the community, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis. Having access to a program like this one, will provide an alternative to surrendering a pet to an animal shelter. By providing access to community members who will act as a Temporary Pet Guardian until the pet can be returned to the owner, which reduces the number of animals in a shelter and provides pet owners with a sense of security knowing their beloved pet is receiving loving care.

“Richmond states, that after Superstorm Sandy in 2012 many people reached out to AWA for this type of assistance. People unable to live in their own homes due to storm damage often stayed with family, friends or at motels. Due to the length of displacement many of them were forced to find alternative options for their beloved pets, who they did not want to give up. This program kept 100s of pet families together”.

AWA is committed to caring for the pets in our community and the people that love them. Providing this resource to those who find themselves experiencing an emergency or deployment, offers an option to use community support to assist a community member in need. AWA provides the matching system to connect a community member in need with a community member who can assist with those needs. If you are in need of a temporary guardian for your pet or are interested in being a temporary guardian for a pet please visit

The Temporary Pet Guardian program is one of the new initiatives included in AWA’s Pet Recovery Plan, which is a set of specific solutions to combat the negative impact of COVID-19 on pets. AWA is grateful for the support the Pet Recovery Plan receives from the Camden County Freeholders. Their support allows AWA to be able to assist people and their pets in the local community.

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