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Neese’s latest

After reading “Lady With A Shank” by Dave Neese I would probably now refer to him, in more impolite terms, other than the tool he is. Utterly reprehensible when making Harris’s verbal rebuke akin to a graphic physical altercation (knifing) and then continuing to use act of violence terms throughout the article. Neese must be pretty hard up for journalistic metaphors to write such a juvenile column - Provocations my ass. My new name for him would probably begin with a “D”.

— A reader

Is your new name for him Dave? I think it’s Dave.

— Ed Note

Your false and snide remarks

Try looking at Fox or Googling the riots. There are videos from NYC showing pallet of bricks that the rioters are using. Several videos in different cities show frozen bottles hitting the cops. There is one in Chicago showing cops without helmets being hit with rocks and frozen bottles. I didn’t read this, I saw the videos. Your liberal beliefs, false information and snide remarks are why people dislike the press. I used to feel bad when a newspaper failed, but no longer. I have canceled the print version of several newspapers, including the New York Times ( also canceled digital). Try looking up the definition of riots and protests.

— Thomas Morgan, Det. Captain retired Trenton PD

I haven’t said these things didn’t ever happen, I’ve said and will continue to say they are not the norm as people like the commenter I was replying to like to imply.

Yes, Riots have happened. Yes, bricks and frozen water bottles have been thrown. No this isn’t what’s going on at every protest, nor is it even a large percentage of the protests. This is the difference between propaganda and news, Fox and whatever site you’re finding by “Googling the riots” are showing the rare cases when rioting has happened and ignoring the majority of the protests that have been peaceful. And of course if you Google riots, you’re going to find riot videos.

Look, I’m as against harming cops as you are. I think the instances that rocks and frozen bottles are thrown at officers are terrible. I also think it’s terrible when cops destroy medical supply tents and mace people who are sitting peacefully. Both ends of this spectrum are not the norm in any of these situations though.

Fox news is fearmongering and MSNBC is just blaming Trump for all of the dismay. Neither of these views is complete or accurate. I will say it again, if you really want a view of what’s happening on the ground in these cities, your best bet is to find local journalists and newspapers who are covering these protests from all angles.

When the riots happened in Trenton, we reported on the peaceful demonstration, we reported on the violence and destruction, we reported on the police response, we reported on the fallout and criticism of that response (including criticism from within the ranks of the department saying where they saw errors from the administration).

But I'm glad you're still reading The Trentonian, since you're keeping up with Back Talk. 

— Ed Note

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